Dr Beyhan Zeybek – Istanbul

Dr. Beyhan Zeybek's hair transplant clinic in Turkey at Istanbul


Dr. Beyhan Zeybek

Dr Beyhan started Hair transplant in 1994 and witnessed the great evolution the field went through during that period. She was one of the very first doctor to entirely specialize herself in hair transplant in Turkey.

She has developed and refined her skills to the highest level and has now turned her practice to concentrate on the artistic side of hair transplant. After having performed and contributed to the launch of hair transplant in this part of the world, she opened her own clinic in 1997 and put together the biggest hair transplant team in Turkey at the time. In 2013, she has decided to dedicate her practice between her artistic activity as a photographer, and her medical practice specialized in hair transplant.

She is only interested in handling only one case at the time, in order to totally focus on the patient’s benefit.

She operates everyday either by FUT and FUE. She has a tremendous amount of cases and experience with all hair types and has developed expertise on almost all the different aspects of hair transplant. She produces totally natural results and outstanding hairlines.

She can reconstruct beards as well as harvest the beard hair to the transplant it to the head

Strong points

  • ✓ Artistic view point, each hairline are unique
  • ✓ All techniques available
  • ✓ Experience and expertise
  • ✓ 1 unique patient per operation’s day

Dr. Beyhan Zeybek's clinic photos

Prices of Dr. Beyhan zeybek's clinic at Istanbul in Turkey

Number of Session FUE / FUE Patchy / BHT FUT
Session 1 day 3500€ 3800€
Session 2 days 4900€ 5900€
Combo FUT / FUE

Hair transplant in Turkey with Dr Beyhan Zeybek can take 1 or 2 days. Dr. Beyhan is proficient in all techniques of FUE, FUT, and BHT hair implants. Regardless of the implant technique, local anesthesia makes the procedure painless.

1 day session, +/- 2500 grafts
2 day session +/- 4000 grafts

Combo FUE / FUT 2 days +/- 5500 grafts



   One year follow up

   Medication and supplies

 Night(s) in hotel 4* (option)

   Transfers (option)

   Translate (option)