BHT Body Hair Transplantation, beard and body hair transplantation

  • Additional donor area
  • Without linear scar
  • Ultra resistant beard follicle
  • Undetectable texture difference

Body Hair Tansplantation: BHT

BHT, Body Hair Transplantation is an evolution of the FUE hair implant procedure that extends the donor area to the entire body. It was developed for 2 different scenarios:

  • Reconstruction of facial hair: mainly beard eyebrows and in rare cases eyelashes.
  • Patients whose donor area was exceptionally weak. In these cases, and if the body hair allows it, the follicular units are taken from the body – the torso, legs, arms – and transplanted to the recipient area.


There are therefore two use of the BHT transplantation

From scalp to beard – that’s beard transplant

With the huge popularity of beard transplants, it is a procedure that has seen its number of operations quadruple in the space of 4 years. The spectacular results offered by the beard transplant as well as the speed of its implementation have made it one of the most widely used hair implants in men today.

From the beard and the body to the scalp – This is the body hair transplant

This technique of hair implants opens up new possibilities for many patients whose donor area has been poorly managed, and / or damaged by previous interventions using outdated techniques (2mm / max 3D punch in particular) as well as traumas ( accidents and burns).

How beard transplants work

As in FUE, the beard transplant is divided into 5 stages (see the FUE page). The difference is of course on the implantation since the anesthetic protocols and the preparation of the hair implantation areas are different. The Angle of the facial hair and the density is different compared to scalp hair. The Follicular unit type is also different, that is why a very careful cherry picking must be applied.

The selection of grafts in the scalp (cherry picking) linked to the FUE harvest makes it possible to select single hair grafts perfectly suited to the creation of facial hair.

How BHT Body Hair Transplant Works

BHT (Body Hair Sampling) is not available to all patients because the patient must have adequate physiological characteristics for the use of body hair in the transplant process. These hairs must be compatible with the head hair. Body hair and scalp hair never have quite the same characteristics and do not have the same growth duration (Anagen phase). Recent studies have shown that the hairs implanted on the scalp remain in the growth phase (anagen) longer than when the hairs are located on the body, and thus change characteristics to become closer to the characteristics of natural hair. However the body hair never becomes excalty as scalp hair.

The follicular units harvested from the body are also not the same as from the skull. On the scalp, follicular units have 1, 2 and 3 hairs, sometimes 4. While on the body, follicular units only have 80% of 1 hair.

Hair photos under the microscope

human scalp hair

Clearly, the follicular units are not the same. So a follicular unit coming from the body will never give the same visual coverage as a follicular unit from the scalp.

The BHT hair implant technique is a great help but should be viewed with caution. It is often used to densify, but should never be preferred over the classic donor area.

Several harvesting areas can be used in BHT. However, 2 areas stand out in particular:

  • The Beard: The follicles are thick and the Anagen phase (follicle growth phase) is long. The beard hair will therefore make it possible to obtain a fairly thick and long hair. There are mostly follicular units of 1 hair, and a few follicular units of 2 hairs. By implanting these follicles in the scalp, the Anagen phase will be prolonged slightly and the newly implanted hair generally becomes more flexible.
  • The Torso: The chest hair is not systematically compatible with implantation. However, some patients can benefit from it. The follicle’s anagen phase is quite long there like the beard, but the follicles are thinner. As with beard follicles, the Anagen phase will be prolonged and the newly implanted hair generally becomes more flexible.

Hair transplant prices in BHT

Pays Docteurs Prix
Turquie Team’s Dr Ergin ER
Dr Beyhan ZEYBEK
1990 €
3500 €
Hongrie Dr Sikos Géza 3,3€ / graft

Dr Patrick Mwamba

Dr Christian Bisanga

6€ / graft

6€ / graft

Inde Dr Arvind Poswal à partir de 3,5$ / graft