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We hope that you will find on our site a complete information on modern hair transplant techniques. Hairmed group is present in 7 countries and offering proven hair transplant procedures to offer quality hair transplant throughout the world.

Should you wish that we give you a customized assessment on how these techniques can make you forget about baldness, do not hesitate to contact us through Mail, Phone or Skype.

Hair transplant abroad - HAIRMED

Thanks to the recent technological advances of the last decade, it is now possible to claim that for all hairloss patients, modern solutions are available and even for patients having advanced baldness.

Today, some of the dedicated surgeons are capable of recreating nature by restoring your hair. FUT and FUE techniques have revolutionized the hair transplant world and opened the paths to great looking natural hair.

Check our result page and see for yourself.

Your hair transplant guarantee

We are confident about being able to meet our customer’s goal. That is why we commit ourselves and guarantee your result.

Discover the Hairmed guarantee policy.

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