Normally, as all hairs are shed at the end of their growth cycle, some degree of hair loss is accepted as normal hairloss in every individual. During the resting stage of the hair growth cycle the hair relaxes its hold on the hair root and the bulb of the hair shaft moves closer to the surface of the skin. Over the time, usual hair movements, shampooing and brushing causes the hair root to loosen further. Eventually, the hair is shed. The shedding of around 50 to 150 hairs by this way is said to be normal hairloss. On following days, the hair follicle grows a new hair to replace the one which is shed.

Normal hairloss

Normal hairloss factors

Actual quantity of the hair shed each day depends upon several factors, including the total number of full sized terminal hairs a person has, average duration of his or her hair growth cycle, the extent of physical activity that the hair is subjected to; such as vigorous shampooing etc. The number of damaged and broken hair shafts must also be considered; because these increase the apparent number of shed hairs. In fact many of hairs that are suggested to be shed are in fact, broken hair shafts due to several reasons.