In each selected hair transplant clinics works hair transplantation specialists for whom the success of your operation, the achievement of your goals, and your well-being are the very first priorities. All of these physicians are ISHRS ( International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery ) members. Some are specialized exclusively on one of the hair transplant procedures like FUT, FUE, and BHT.

Below you will have the entire list of Hairmed’s endorsed hair transplant clinics, click on each one for more details.


Dr. Patrick Mwamba

City : Brussels, Belgium
Membership : ISHRS, ESHRS, Diplomate of ABHRS
Procédure(s) : BHT, Dense Packing, FIT, FUE Patchy, Scar revision

dr beyhan zeybek

Dr. Beyhan Zeybek

City : Istanbul, Turkey
Membership : ISHRS
Techniques : BHT, Dense Packing, FUE, FUE Patchy, FUT, PRP, Facial hair, Scar revision, Trichophytic closure

Dr Sikos Geza

Dr. Sikos Geza

City : Budapest, Hungary 
TechniquesBHTFUE, FUE Patchy, FUT, Facial hair (beard)

Dr. Ergin

Dr. Ergin Er

City : Istanbul, Turkey
Membership : ISHRS
Techniques : BHT, FUE, PRP,  Facial hair

Dr Khaled Meddeb

Dr. Khaled Meddeb

City : Tunis, Tunisia
Membership : ISHRS, ESHRS
Techniques : Dense Packing, FUE, Trichophytic closure

Dr Allan Bauman

Dr. Alan Bauman

City : Boca Raton, USA
Membership : ISHRS , Diplomate of ABHRS
Techniques : BHT, Dense Packing, FUE, FUE Patchy, PRP, Facial hair, Scar repair

Dr Arvind Poswal

Dr. Arvind Poswal

City : New Dehli, India
Membership : ISHRS
Techniques : BHT, Dense Packing, FUE, FUE Patchy, PRP, Facial hair, Scar repair

Our selection process is based on set criterias, which ensures that the techniques and the results you can find on our website matches the quality of our members.

Through careful analysis of the techniques and results, we have selected some of the very best hair transplant clinics and surgeons throughout the world.