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Dr Alan Bauman
Dr Alan Bauman

Dr. Alan Bauman

Dr. Alan Bauman, founder and medical director of Bauman Medical Group, is a surgically trained M.D. and one of only approximately 100 board-certified hair restoration physicians in the world.

He is a Diplomate of the esteemed American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and is one of 50 doctors worldwide who is recommended by the American Hair Loss Association. He has built an international practice, treated nearly 15,000 hair loss patients since 1997, and has been extensively featured in the world’s leading media in print, radio and television as a medical expert and successful early-adopter of the most advanced technologies in the treatment of hair loss.

Appearances, interviews and profiles include the TODAY, The Early Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Extra, Access Hollywood and Dateline NBC among other TV appearances. Newspaper and magazine articles and feature stories include The New York Times, Newsweek, Cosmo, Vogue, Allure, Men’s Health and more.

Dr Bauman continues his research and has specialized himself in hair restoration solutions, werther it’s surgical or not.

His renowned expertise is considered as unique throughout the world as he has experience in divers fields such as laser therapy, new molecules, PRP , as well as surgery off course.

Since 2015 he is offering the Robotic ARTAS hair transplant surgery, which combined with his expertise is producing excellent results.


  • European Society of Hair Surgery (ESHRS)

Strong points

  • ✓ ARTAS robotic – FUE
  • ✓ Great experience FUE (before 2004)
  • ✓ Eyelash transplant expert
  • ✓ World reputation

Dr. Alan Bauman's clinic

Prices of Dr.Alan Bauman's clinic In USA

ARTAS® robotic FUE hair transplant procedure
 10 $ / graft

Number of days : On demand


   One year follow up