3090 FUE Istanbul – Dr Beyhan

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Dense Packing, FUE
Dr Beyhan Zeybek, Istanbul
3090  FUE
9 Months

After Hair Transplant

Operation goal: Global reconstruction.

This 24years old patient had very extensive hair loss. His goal was to eradicate the baldness while being able to keep a very short hairstyle and cover the the maximum surface possible. A careful examination of his donor area revealed a slightly low density in the donor area. So only 3090 grafts were implanted over a 2 days operation. FUE hair transplant was preferred to avoid a linear scar as the patient wished.

Dense packing procedure was used and gave the patient a nicely dense and natural hair transplant results.

These before and after pictures are taken within 9 months of the hair transplant operation. The final result will be showing from 12 months.