2800 grafts FUE at Istanbul – Dr Beyhan Zeybek

Results hair transplant fue after 18 months with the Dr Beyhan Zeybek

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Dr Beyhan Zeybek
2800 Grafts FUE
18 monts

This 31 years old patient suffered from receeding hairline.

He choose the non-visible scar procedure FUE with Dr Beyhan Zeybek in Istanbul.

Hair line design is Dr Beyhan Zeybek’s specialty. She implanted 2800 grafts within a single day procedure.

2800 grafts is the maximum amount that Dr Beyhan can perform in 1 day by FUE.

Dr Beyhan Zeybek performs 100% of the isolations, 100% of the extractions, 100% of the incisions.

Her assistant and herself are implanting the grafts inside the pre-made incisions.


The patient had follow-up one to one meetings in Europe with the Hairmed Team at +15 days , +3months and sent his final results at 18 months. (final pictures are taken by the patient himself )

We are very pleased by the natural look and beautiful result of this FUE hair transplant.

Before the hair transplant

After the operation

15 days after the hair transplant

3 months after the hair transplant

18 months after the hair transplant