2730 FUE hair transplant 10 months after – Dr Beyhan

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Dr Beyhan Zeybek, Istanbul
2730 FUE
10 Months

Hair transplant goals: Frontal reconstruction, and conservation of the donor area

The goal of this patient was to cover the maximum surface of his hairline. 2730 grafts were implanted in 1 day of intervention. The patient wished a little invasive hair transplant and without scar. The FUE hair transplant  was preferred to avoid a linear scar as the patient wished.

Ten months after hair transplant operation, this patient is very happy of his result. We can see the big evolution with the regrowth on the frontal area. The final result will be at 12 Months post-operative.

This patient send us his pictures for share his satisfaction. We can notice a perfectly defined frontal line and a result of hair transplant completely natural FUE.

We are awaiting his final result pictures at 12 months and we will post it as soon as possible.

FUE hair transplant pictures: