Prostaglandin analogues are synthetic ingredients designed to bind to specific prostaglandin receptor sites on cells which then initiate certain types of cellular activity. When it comes to treating glaucoma and the potential for prostaglandin analogues to stimulate eyelash growth, the three of the most well known options are bimatoprost, travoprost, and latanoprost.

Among these, bimatoprost (Latisse) is the most well-researched for eyelash growth, though all have the same potential benefits and side effects. To date, systemic side effects have not been reported in the clinical literature.

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Allergan is currently testing bimatoprost as a potential treatment for scalp hair loss, male and female pattern baldness, otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia. Dr Bauman from the famous Bauman Medical Group, has used latisse/bimatoprost as an ‘off label’ topical treament for hair regrowth on the scalp and eyebrows with good success since 2007, as recently reported by the New York Times.

Article written by Dr Alan Bauman.