Fitur Health : Feria Internacional de Turismo

The Fitur is an event, taking place in Spain.

This exhibition gathers many international tourism professionals and deals with the issues of medical tourism. It is a real opportunity that such an event is organized, as all the main actors of the medical tourism industry gather.

In 2017, the Fitur exhibition has beaten a new record, counting 9 893 exhibitors coming from 165 countries, 135 858 participants and 107 213 visitors within 5 days.

A knowledge hub

The professionals from medical tourism can inform and exchange about the trends, new medical procedures and the economics/medical researches of the year.

In 2018, the exhibition gathers companies from all around the world to be in the place-to-be. 10 318 companies are expected, bringing 15 economical industries together (medical professionals, commercial catering, hotel businesses, transportation services, media, engineering etc.)

The biggest feature of the Fitur Health is the lectures classes animated by influential people in medical tourism industry. The speeches are particularly instructive, as much to beginners to experts.

Very expected and valued, the lectures are running every day all day long during the exhibition period.

It represents an international knowledge hub where people can understand and debate together, to improve their services.

Esthetic Planet at Fitur Health

This year, Esthetic Planet was offered an opportunity to be a part of this European event. The director, Pierre Hollenbeck, has been invited as lecturer on the French medical tourism market.

He has been a part of the panel, where he represents France along with 3 europeans panelists.

The purpose of this lecture is to identify the problems and the expectation of Europeans patients. By sharing issues and debating with the clinics, they can more forward to better improvements and new approaches.
Hairmed/Esthetic Planet is proud to be a part of this big event. We hope this will contribute to a better medical tourism and customer services.