Hair transplant guarantee

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Our hair transplant guarantee


Hairmed group guarantees in writing the quality of your operation. We guarantee very specific measurements that ensure you that you will get the best proven innovation and most efficient methods for the operation that will change your life.

If your goals meet with your donor supply capacities, and that you have never been operated before. We will guaranty a 90% regrowth.

In case of a lower growth rate, we will offer a free second operation.

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At Hairmed, we know how damaging a bad operation can be. We make sure that the operation turns your life around for the better without side effects.

How does a hair transplant guarantee work?

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We believe an operation is a engagement between the physician and the patient. Because our patient choose to grant us their trust, we believe this should be apply to us too.

In each clinic that we offer, you will find plastic surgeons for whom the success of your operation, the achievement of yours goals, and your well-being are the first priority.

Regular attendance to hair meetings and workshops are important to us and proves the surgeon’s will to constantly improve. We attend regularly world meeting organized by internationally recognized scientific society like the ISHRS and ESHRS.

Here is some of our hair transplant guaranteed services :

  1. Hair transplant guarantee : For the FUT procedure, powerful microscopes and trained assistants in a sufficient number are compulsory to be able to make true follicular unit transplantation (and not micro or mini graft). We guaranty that your grafts will be cut strictly under microscope into true follicular unit and that a sufficient number of assistants will be deployed. The percentage of follicular unit lost in the cutting process will be below 3% (worse case scenario), we usually have a percentage below 1%!
  2. Hair transplant guarantee : Latest FUT innovations enables to use all of the F.U present in the strip that is removed by using a single strip harvest procedure. We guaranty that this procedure will be used.
  3. Hair transplant guarantee : Hairmed Group doctors are capable of transplanting at a density sufficiently high to get a perfectly natural result, no matter the procedure used (FUT, FUE, FIT, BHT).Our surgeons can transplant up to 60 to sometimes 70 FUs per cm². However, this does not mean that these densities can be used on all patients. Please pay attention to this fact.
  4. Hair transplant guarantee : All operation are done in a maximum hygiene clinics which comply with E.U. hygiene regulations.
  5. Hair transplant guarantee : At the end of the postoperation period (12 months) and providing that you have followed all our instructions, you will find at least 90% of the transplanted grafts growing on your scalp. We believe that à 90% guaranteed result in medicine is an excellent percentage. Our patient regrowth rate is between 98 to 99% for a number of years.

We estimate greatly the trust that you put in us. Therefore, we commit ourselves back for you.

Our goal ? To get you an operation just like we would which for ourselves.

Our hair transplant guarantee is given to each patient after case examination, some patients may not be able to get this level of guaranty for different medical reasons. That is why it needs to be validated for each patient (for instance, it cannot be applied to repair surgeries). Our guaranty needs to be signed by both parties in order to be valid. 
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Hair transplant guarantee follow up

The post operative process is long (a year) and most patient often have questions and worries during that time. Your doctor will be available through videoconference during your post op and your assigned consultant can be reached by his patients every week day of the year. We make sure that you are not on your own when you get back from your surgery.


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