Hair transplant abroad services available since 2004

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We offer our independent expert advice to our patients. Going abroad to get operated is often not as easy as it sounds.

Our teams supervises the different services that will be required and ensures that the right information is given in order to prepare your hair transplantation : we are talking about hair transplant abroad services

Our offices in the center of Paris and Abu Dhabi are open every day of the week all year long.

Fell free to contact us or come to meet us directly to see how we can help to make your hair transplantation project a success.

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Hair transplant abroad services : surgery

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The main problem that patient face when considering a hair transplantation abroad is the diagnosis and the lack of direct consultation. A good preparation of the operation requires a excellent communication in order for the patient to prepare for all possibilities that may occur with his hair transplantation case.

The same problem exist for the post operation period when the patient and his physician are far apart.

As Hair Transplantation specialists for many years we offer our expertise and experience to our patients in order for them to get well documented responses and continuous feedback. We have developed an hair transplant abroad services to have a follow-up on each single detail.

  1. For European patients and Middle east patients, we can offer a direct meeting in our offices. This is when we set the basis of the work that will be done. We explore your hair loss, the thinning hair ratio, the history, and the possibilities of a surgical or simply medical solution. In this initial meeting, we will take the time to address your questions.
  2. If a surgery is needed, we will address with you how a surgery can meet your goals. There are various aspects that need to be studied like your donor supply and a long term strategy systematically needs to be studied.
  3. Each step is discussed, and from this step we submit the case to the surgeon of your choice, or whom we believe have the capacity to make your surgery a success.
  4. Once the operation is done, we will follow you month after months and our consultants will receive you on a regular basis until your final result. This will help your surgeon get a better feedback from the operation and allow the physician to follow his/her patient closely despite the distance.

It is often necessary to go abroad to get the best treatment. When our surgeons offer a operation, we make sure that a complete logistics is available for the patient. From the moment you get out of the plane to your final trip back home !

Hair transplant abroad services offer logistic facilities in all the countries. Depending on each country, it may be included directly in the price or as extra services. These services are mentioned when you get a reply after requesting for a quote.

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