Dr. Alami Mohamed

Dr Alami

Dr. Alami Mohamed specializes in hair transplantation and offers various procedures such as FUE, FUT and BHT. He has European Diploma of Baldness Restorative Surgery at Claude Bernard’s University (Lyon, France). Expert in hair transplant, he also realizes the graft of beard, eyebrows and also scarred/burned areas.

Dr. Mohamed Alami's hair transplant clinic in Morocco at Cassablanca

Dr. Alami Mohamed works at the center of the hair transplant located in the Cochain cosmetic surgery clinic in Casablanca, Morocco.
The clinic offers state-of-the-art technology in the field of hair transplantation as well as for different techniques (FUE S.A.F.E, FUE High Density, BHT, FUE Eyebrows, FUT, Repair Capillary Transplant)
It is a private center specializing in hairtransplant, which meets the safety standards, warm and personalized staff to the needs of each patient.
The center is located in an exceptional environment and offers you unparalleled comfort and safety.

Dr. Alami on TV

Dr. Alami Mohamed - Prices clinic in Morocco, Casablanca

From 1180€ 1,90€ / grafts
< 500 grafts 1180€
501 – 900 grafts 1800€
901 – 1000 grafts 2300€
1001 – 1500 grafts 2700€ à 3000€
1501 – 1700 grafts 3200€
1701 – 2000 grafts 3500€
> 2000 grafts 3600€
> 2500 grafts 4000€


   One year follow up

   Hotel 4*

   Transfers (option)

   Translate (option)