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Dr Ali Emre Karadeniz

Istanbul - Turkey

Dr Ali Emre Karadeniz's hair transplant clinic in Turkey at Istanbul

Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz

Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz was born in 1976 in Scotland. He graduated in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Medical University Istanbul in 2000.

He worked at the Military Hospital in Ankara and the National Hospital of Düzce Atatürk as leader of plastic surgery department. Since 2008, he has specialized himself in hair transplant and is continuously participating in the field latest improvements.

He is publishing several articles and studies on hair transplant and is presenting new studies every year to the ISHRS Congress.

He is now on the ISHRS scientific committee, and is developing new solutions to make the hair transplant safer and more effective.

In 2014, he settled on the Asian side of Istanbul to develop his own hair transplant clinic with a permanent qualified surgery staff of 6 permanent nurses enabling to offer all mastered technics of Hair transplants; FUT, FUE and BHT.

The clinic is located in the lively Atasehir district in the center of the economic heart of the Asian side of Istanbul.

Dr Karadeniz can perform up to 2200 FUE grafts, or up to 4000 FUT grafts per day on average.

Strong points

  • Pluri procedural : FUE / FUT / BHT
  • Modern Graft Placement Strategy
  • Cherry picking FUE
  • Long term Hair Transplant strategy

Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz's clinics

Dr. Karadeniz clinic's price in Turkey at Istanbul

Number of sessions Price
 One sessions (one days)  3500€
 Two sessions (two days)  2800 €

One session is equivalent to 2000-2300 grafts in FUE, FUT or BHT.

Example : For 4000 grafts, you need two sessions, the price will be 6300 € (3800+2800) for two operations days.





   One year follow up


  Medication and supplies

Results photos of Dr. Karadeniz's clinic in Turkey at Istanbul